Tina Stanković was born on November 7, 2001 in Loznica, Serbia. In 2016 she graduated from Primary Music School „Vojin Komadina“ in Zvornik (Bosnia and Herzegovina), at the guitar department , in the class of Professor  Dragan Nikolić. She graduated from the Secondary Music School „Živorad Grbić“ in Valjevo (Serbia) in 2020. In July 2020, she enrolled at the Music Academy in East Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in the class of professors Vojislav and Aleksandra Ivanovic.

She  won numerous prizes at the guitar competitions, among which some of the most remarkable are: 1st prize at the Republic Music Competition in Banja Luka (2012, 2014), 1st prize at the Valjevo Guitar Competition „Wart“ (2011, 2012), 1st prize at the Zgitar Guitar Festival in Zvornik (2013, 2014 , 2018, 2019), 1st prize at the the Bijeljina Guitar Fest (2013), 1st prize at the Primavera International Music Festival in Bijeljina (2016), 1rd prize at the the Eighth GuitArt Fest Sarajevo East Guitar Festival, East Sarajevo (2023), 3rd prize at the Second GuitArt Fest Sarajevo East Guitar Festival, East Sarajevo (2017).

She has received several acknowledgments, commendations and diplomas, as well as recognition of the Government of Republika Srpska for achieved outstanding success at the Republic Competition of Music schools.

She has had a number of performances  at various music events. Being the youngest student of the Primary Music School „Vojin Komadina” , she  held a solo concert in Zvornik in 2011.

She has been instructed at masterclasses by Vojislav Ivanovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Predrag Stankovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Medina Arnautovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Natasa Jokic (Bosnia and Hercegovina), Elvis Sivcevic (Bosnia and Hercegovina), Vera Ogrizovic (Serbia), Zoran Krajisnik (Serbia), Aleksandar Hadzi-Djordjevic (Serbia), Slobodan Milivojević (Serbia), Nenad Petrovic (Serbia), Bosko Radojkovic (Serbia), Damjan Stanisic (Serbia), István Römer (Croatia), Maroje Brcic (Croatia), José Luis Martínez (Spain), Dimitris Kotronakis (Greece), Juan Manuel Ruiz Pardo (Spain), Daniel Hernandez Pascual – „Dani“ (Spain), Stefan Trifan (Romania), Gaëlle Solal (France), Larry Hammett (United States).

Tina plays Zoran Kuvac guitar.

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